We provide technical support that is second to none in the industry with a dedicated team of professional in the support department that consists of support technicians and service professionals made available all day, every day to meet the Client's support needs.

The levels of support service will be determined on conditions of the individual client and the capability of our company to deliver support service the way best suited for the client in the most efficient method. At Securiaa International we believe in accessing every situation on its own and providing the right support with the right technician the first time, to minimize potential disruptions or delays in ensuring a smooth operation.

Support services we provide are based on the client's requirement of maintenance in their organization and the type of devices that is listed as eligible in the service package. The service policies we have drafted enables all clients at any level of our service agreement to enjoy several advantages that maximizes the value of their agreed support and the our service policies ensures the highest quality of support provided to the client at all stages during the initial period and after project completion for a fully operational system.


1st STEP

Understanding your needs: Your initial consultation is free of charge and is an insightful and intelligent conversation about your unique needs. You’ll receive an appraisal of your current situation taking into account your goals and sensitivities.


2nd STEP

Researching and developing your unique solution: After your consultation we will take the time to research possible solutions and will recommend the one that best fits your requirements .We are not bound to any single provider and will always take your existing system into account to promote seamless integration


3rd STEP

Installing your solution: Once you’ve agreed on proposed solution, our team of technicians will plan and manage the project for you to eliminate hassle .We’ll also closely oversee a smooth handover to your team.


4th STEP

Delivering peace of mind: Our service doesn’t end when your project does, the ongoing relationship gives you complete peace of mind going forward. We’ll maintain your security solution so it’s always working, ensure your staff are properly trained, make sure your solution grows with your business and check in twice a year you don’t have too.